What is your favorite mode of transportation? We bet it has a sun visor. Visor Frames are a fun and new way to display and protect photos and memorial cards of your family, friends and pets while in your car, truck, bus, motor-home, semi, van or airplane. Our frames clip to any and all sun visors and are best used with any standard wallet-size photo or memorial card. Our patented design allows users to view their pictures both, landscape and portrait. Visor Frames come in a variety of colors and are great for anyone that is ready to frame it, clip it and go. Visor Frames are proudly manufactured in Detroit Motor City from premium materials that can withstand both extreme hot and cold temperatures. The frames have a sleek and thin profile. The patented three position rotating clip provides enough tension to attach securely to any and all sun visors. The inserted protective cover helps defend the picture from bending, wind, temperature and the sun.

Parents Giving Children Piggyback Rides In Garden


Growing up in the Motor City, Sam DiNello, as a first generation child, saw his parents embody the “American Dream” to provide for his large family. Infused with this same passion and entrepreneurial DNA, Sam embarked on many successful business ventures. After his father’s passing, Sam kept a photo of his father, Frank, tucked underneath his garage door opener on his car sun visor. After watching the memory of his father’s photo peel, fade and tear over time, Sam approached his long-time business partner Michael Abraham Jr. with an idea. Sam and Michael discussed their experiences when traveling in another person’s vehicle. They always seemed to notice a photo or memorial card attached to his or her sun visor with a garage door opener, rubber band or chip clip. In some cases, the photo or memorial card would even be tucked into the dashboard, covering a portion of the odometer. Shortly after, Sam’s mother, Sharon also passed away. Sam discussed with Michael how he was discouraged from keeping his mother’s photo in his car after what happened to his father’s. They figured others might be experiencing the same issue and thought “so why not invent something to protect it, secure it to the visor and keep it out of the way?” Soon after, Visor Frames was invented. Sam now has a way to display both of his parents’ pictures in a place where they’ll always be smiling down on him.